This website is built on the Joomla! CMS.

Apart from my own extension, I use a number of 3rd party extensions.

Here is an overview of the 3rd party extensions used on this website (in alphabetical order).

The template is (loosly) based on an early version of Bootstrap, from Twitter.


Thanks also goes out to the many kind people who have supplied me with translations for the NoNumber extensions.

Albanian [sq-AL]

  • Irena Meco (Perkthyese Indipendente)

Arabic [ar-SA]

Azeri [az-AZ]

  • Ali Asadullayev

Bengali [bn-BD]

Bosnian [bs-BA]

Brazilian Portuguese [pt-BR]

Bulgarian [bg-BG]

  • Констатин Аспарухов

Catalan [ca-ES]

Chinese (Simplified) [zh-CN]

Chinese (Traditional) [zh-TW]

Croatian [hr-HR]

Czech [cs-CZ]

  • Kamadeva
  • Martin Měchura
  • Radovan Jankovič (R-ART)
  • Vladimír Měrák (

Danish [da-DK]

Dutch [nl-NL]

Estonian [et-EE]

French [fr-FR]

German [de-DE]

Greek [el-GR]

  • Michael Michalakis
  • Γιώργος Γεωργόπουλος
  • Δημήτριος Σιακαβέλης
  • Παναγιώτης Παπάζογλου

Hebrew [he-IL]

Hungarian [hu-HU]

Indonesian [id-ID]

Italian [it-IT]

Japanese [ja-JP]

Latvian [lv-LV]

  • Aigars Freimanis

Lithuanian [lt-LT]

Norwegian [nb-NO]

Persian [fa-IR]

Polish [pl-PL]

Portuguese [pt-PT]

Romanian [ro-RO]

  • Adrian Jurjica-Dumiter (C&A Interserv SRL Reşiţa)
  • Daniel Toma
  • Marcel Truica
  • Mihai Rarinca

Russian [ru-RU]

Serbian [sr-RS]

Slovak [sk-SK]

Slovenian [sl-SI]

Spanish [es-CL]

Spanish [es-ES]

Swedish [sv-SE]

Thai [th-TH]

Turkish [tr-TR]

Ukrainian [uk-UA]

  • FarFor
  • Roman Myrovych

Vietnamese [vi-VN]

Your name not mentioned?

Have you helped on translations but your name is not here? Or it is not mentioned correctly (no/wrong url, etc)?

The above details are taken from the "Translated by" string you can find in the translations files on Transifex (see below for more info on Transifex). That is the very first string in each file. Just add/correct your details there...

Get involved with translating!

I welcome you to help out and get involved with translations for NoNumber extensions.

I am using Transifex for the translations of all NoNumber extensions. So I kindly ask you to join Transifex.
There is a translation team/group set up especially for Joomla projects: OpenTranslators.

To join OpenTranslators, see the different steps on the right under: Translator Guide:

You can find all the NoNumber projects here:

All language files will be updated and packed with every new release of the individual extensions.


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