Administrator Goodies

NoNumber extensions make your life as a website administrator a lot easier.

These extensions make a lot of tasks a lot easier, faster and more efficient.

Extensions like Cache Cleaner and Add to Menu save you a huge amount of mouse clicks, whilst extensions like DB Replacer and CDN for Joomla! gives you functionality and power you could only dream of.

The NoNumber Extension Manager is the one you should start of with. Install and update any other NoNumber extension with the click of a button.

Add to Menu

J2 J3

Add menu items simply and quickly.

Cache Cleaner

J2 J3

Clean cache and more with 1 click.

CDN for Joomla!

J2 J3

Speed up your site by using a Content Delivery Network. read more...

DB Replacer

J2 J3

Search and replace in your Joomla! database.

NoNumber Extension Manager

J2 J3

Install & update your NoNumber extensions easily and quickly. read more...

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